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Snack Bar

Snack Bar

The Snack Bar is vital to the success of our Little League. We all need to work together in making sure your children are having the best possible experience. Volunteering for the Snack Bar is an easy, fun job, and only requires a few hours over the course of the entire season from you. The smiles you will see on the players and parents faces are well worth the small investment of your time.

Sales earned by the Snack Bars are an important and essential source of income for your league and are used to help shoulder the numerous expenses associated with programs such as ours. From Field Renovations to Uniforms, all proceeds go toward ensuring your children have the best possible experience in your League. These funds help guarantee Moorpark  Little League will play a great role in your community today and years to come.

The Management and Staffing of each Snack Bar is done solely by Volunteers. Moopark Little League requires all its Members to work Snack Bar Shifts.

Please see the updated snack bar policy below.

Snack Bar Policy

The snack bar policy for 2022 is new.

The past few years MPLL has required a $100 deposit that would be returned when you worked your volunteer snack bar shift or you could buy-out your volunteer time by paying $100.

For 2022 we are removing the $100 deposit requirement and integrating our Golf Ball Drop fundraiser.

Each player will be responsible for buying 5 golf ball drop tickets ($50.00) of which they can sell or keep as their own entry. This will ensure all players and teams participate in the most important fundraiser for the year and will also cover as a buy-out for having to work a snack bar shift.

Funds raised from the golf ball drop ticket sales will help fund hiring high school students to work the snack bar as well offer opportunities for those needing volunteer hours fulfilled.

Details will be provided at both the coaches meeting and team parent meeting.

Uniforms for teams will not be distributed until the teams golf ball tickets are purchased.