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Frequent Questions

Frequently Answered Questions

Question: What Divisions does Moorpark offer? 


  • T-Ball: League Ages 4-6             
  • Machine Pitch: League Ages 5-7
    (5 year-old players require 1 year experience to play in this division)
  • Farm - Kid Pitch: League Ages 7-8
  • AA: League Ages 8-10
  • AAA: League Ages 9-11
  • Majors: League Ages 11-12
  • Juniors: League Ages 13-14

Question: Can my child play with his friends?

Answer: No, the league cannot guarantee any such request in competitive divisions (farm, aa, aaa, majors, juniors) based on creating a level field, but for non-competitive divisions (tball and machine) the league will try its best, but still cannot guarantee.  With one exception: Siblings playing in the same age division WILL be placed on the same team unless otherwise specifically requested.

Question: My child has never played baseball before, will it be too difficult?

Answer: Like all youth sport programs athletes of all levels are welcome.  Moorpark Little League divisions are set up to ensure each player is placed in the appropriate division based on skill level as best as possible. 

Question: What equipment will my child need?

Answer: Jerseys and hats are provided by the league.  Gloves, helmets, and pants will not be provided.  But since our kids grow so fast if you need equipment we can find some used equipment for your child.

Question: My child really wants to play, but it is too expensive, what can I do?

Answer: Contact Financial Aid, we can work something out.

Question: We don't live in Moorpark, can we still play there?

Answer: Yes, and no.  In order to be eligible for Post Season (All-Stars) and the Little League World Series, some other rules apply.  

Question: Can I bring my dog/pet to the fields?

Answer: No. pets are not allowed at complex.  MPLL Complex is on school grounds, so all school rules apply.

Question: What does my child need to wear for Player Clinics?

Answer: Glove,  batting helmet, bat, baseball pants and cleats (not necessary really for Tball).  Bats can also be shared in Tball. Practice baseball pants will be needed for competitive divisions. Wait to buy game pants until after initial team meeting; team pants color will be decided.

Question: My child is older than 14 and still wants to be involved in baseball, what should they do?

Answer: There are multiple options for your child to continue with their love of baseball.