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Code of Conduct


Moorpark Little League Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors of Moorpark Little League has adopted a ZERO Tolerance policy in regards to ANYONE present at an MPLL event, whether on the field or off. Our main desire in making this decision is to ensure that all league events remain safe and pleasant for all people attending.

The term "Zero Tolerance" encompasses a wide range of actions or verbiage directed from one person to another, or to a group of people. This includes, but is not limited to:

Making derogatory comments about umpire calls or making defaming statements to the umpires themselves.

Making derogatory comments about any coaches ability to coach, or the decisions they make concerning the players on their teams.

Making derogatory comments to any player, on the field or off, for any reason.

Any negative remark made from one spectator to another.

Any of the above actions will result in removal from the game you are attending and a suspension from the next game. You will also be asked to leave the field, which includes getting into your vehicle and leaving the premises completely. Any subsequent infraction will result in a two game suspension. If the abusive behavior occurs a third time, the person may be permanently removed from the league, pending review by the Board of Directors.

Any person threatening another person at an MPLL event will be immediately asked to leave, and will be suspended for a minimum of two games. Any occurrence after this will result in a permanent removal from MPLL.

Any person assaulting: ie; hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, which results in bodily injury will be permanently removed from MPLL. In this case the police will be called and charges may be filed. Any person hitting, kicking, pushing, or shoving which does not result in bodily injury will be brought before the Board of Directors, where a decision about that person's future in the league will be determined.

Moorpark Little League is dedicated to providing a safe and fun atmosphere for the children that are participating in league events. We are also dedicated to ensuring the safety of the league officials and volunteers at the games, as well as the spectators that are present.

If you bring friends and relatives to league events, we are asking that you inform them of league policy concerning acceptable behavior at league events BEFORE you arrive at the fields.

MPLL Complex

Moorpark Little League's main field complex is located at 200 Park Lane. The fields are located on the school grounds of Chaparral Middle School. The MPLL Complex rules and regulations follow that of the school grounds.

NO DOGS, NO BIKES, NO SCOOTERS, NO SKATEBOARDS, NO ALCOHOL are permitted on the premises at any time.

MPLL strives to maintain an excellent relationship with the school and Moorpark School District. 

We ask that all players, parents, guests and visitors help out by following and communicating the rules and policy with your friends and guests coming to watch the games.

The rules will be strictly enforced. Anyone entering the facility will be asked to leave the premises by a Board Member or Board Member-at-Large if any rules and regulations are not being followed. 

Dog Policy

As the baseball fields are located on school property, it is a condition of our permit and well insurance that we must maintain and follow the rules set by the school and school district. Dogs are not allowed on school property.

The only exception would be a service dog. Emotional support dogs ARE NOT covered under this exception. Based on feedback from the district and county, MPLL is legally aloud to ask for paper work and vaccine records, in the event a service dog is onsite.

In the extremely rare event that a service dog had an incident and a child or adult gets bitten then they need to have proper documentation and are covered under the American Disability Act. An emotional support dog is not. 

If you have a service dog that needs to be on school grounds then you need to go to the district office and can go through an allocation process and fill out the proper paperwork.

A true service dog will have the proper registration and vaccine records for them to be aloud in all public areas. Again service dogs are aloud with proper paperwork and/or vest and registration tags but emotional support dogs are NOT. 

Thank you.